Weekly Ministries

Parents & Tots

Are you greeting your spouse at the end of each day with baby babble? Perhaps its time to get out and visit with other parents suffering from similar linguistic issues! Join us as we share the ups and downs of parenthood and encourage each other along in this journey called life.

We meet every other week from 9:30-11:30am at Kleefeld EMC. There will be a small snack provided for both kids and adults.

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Girls Club

Girls Club meets every  Wednesday evening (Sept. - April) from 7:00 pm - 8:40 pm and is open to all girls grades 3 - 6. Each evening is filled with games, crafts, devotionals and is an encouraging and fun time for the girls and leaders to connect and grow in their faith. There are a few special events throughout the year which are listed in the column on the right. kemcgirlsclub@gmail.com

Boys Club

KEMC has a boys club program Wednesday evenings, meeting at 7:00, for Stockade (boys Grade 3-6 Late Sept to April), and for Battalion (young men Grade 7-12 Late Sept to May).

Leaders come from our church and other evangelical churches in our area as do the boys. This program is open to boys who are not from our church.

CSB Ministries provides the materials for our boys club program at KEMC which is registered as unit #3542. This is our common philosophy:

“Discipleship:  Our boys will be discipled by someone. The question is, who will play that vital role? CSB helps to create a context designed for boys and men to thrive as they grow


The Church: The task of discipleship was given by Jesus to the Church. We seek to come alongside in partnering with the local church to assist in that special calling.                     It Take s A Man: It takes a man to show a boy what it means to be a man. Today more than ever it’s vital that men be given a place to pass the torch to the next generation of men.”

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Jr & Sr Youth

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Join us every Thursday (September - June) for Bible studies, games, snacks and outings. Events usually run from 7:30pm - 9pm

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Young Adults

We currently have two young adult groups running:

Young Adults

For those ages 18-28(ish), married or single. Check the bulletin on our home page for the next social event.


For those ages 25-39 (married or single) we have a social event once every other month to provide opportunity for you to get to know others at similar stages of life. Dates and times vary. Children are welcome at most events. 

West of 60

West of 60 is a name for those approaching the 60 year milestone or beyond who like to meet together for social and fellowship events.

A small group of volunteers plan activities such as game nights, a "Welcome to Spring" supper, a bus trip to the Passion Play and other activities.

We would love to welcome any new participants. You can get in contact with Dennis & Sara Thiessen to find out the next event.