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Our Core Values

Loving God 
We believe that God loves us and invites us to worship him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We desire to express our love for God in worship that is relevant, celebratory and that reflects the deep truths of God's Word.

Loving People
We believe that God wants us to love all people and to develop relationships where peace, unity, care, spiritual growth and discipleship can take place.

God's Word
We believe in the truth of the Bible as God's Word to us. It teaches us the fundamentals about life and how to grown in mature Christian discipleship. God's Word is the foundation of our Christ-centered, biblically-based preaching as we exhort one another to godly living.

We believe prayer is the responsibility  of the church and the individual. Prayer is our way of talking to God and seeking his guidance to accomplish his mission and will for us.

We believe that the church is a multigenerational body that values every member of the family, married or single, young or old. We value the wealth of knowledge and experience of the "mature" believer and the energy of the young believer as we all seek to use our gifts to serve God.

We believe that God commands us to reach out to as many people as possible, at home or abroad, through creative and intentional methods with the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Authentic Christianity
We believe that the Christian life is intended to be genuine, sincere and transparent. This includes meaningful worship, biblical teaching that is applicable to life, and intentional relationships with other believers. We believe that every believer should have the opportunity to use their gifts, abilities and interests to serve the Kingdom of God.


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