Spring, 2020

Worship Service:

we will only be offering a

Live Stream of the

service at 10:45am

with a Kids Feature

beginning at 10:15am


Live Stream Only:

Maundy Thursday -7pm

Good Friday - 10:15 (Kid's feature) & 10:45am (Service)

Easter Sunday - 10:15 (Kid's Feature) & 10:45am (Service)

March 27, 2020
To the KEMC family,
For many of you this has been your first full week of very intentional self distancing and/or self isolating.  I hope you are doing well and are able to find ways to connect with others through emails, texting, phone calls, face time and the like.  I know for us it has been a blessing to have access to face time as we have an very extroverted daughter.  She has been able to set up some regular conversations with a close friend and with a couple of her cousins which has been great.   
Last Sunday we had a few technical glitches with our live stream and so our service started later than expected.  We have those worked out, thanks to Erwin’s hours and hard work, and you should be able to tune in this week at 10:15am for a children’s feature with the service starting at 10:45am. This week we have added a couple of numbers you can text (if you need to phone use the church number).  One of the text numbers is for technical assistance if you are having trouble connecting to the service. (204)-818-7748 is that number.  The other number is to encourage interaction with our service.  If you have a comment or question during the service, feel free to text it to this number: (204)-818-3028.  We will not be addressing questions during the service but will take time during the week to respond.  You are also able to comment on the youtube page, but be aware that they will be able to be seen by everyone.
In the latest Manitoba New bulletin, beginning March 30, 2020, all gatherings are being restricted to 10 persons or less.  This means for us that on Sundays only those who are directly involved in a Sunday service will be allowed to be at the church.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter.
But we do still have new exciting features to help us stay connected.  With the assistance of Jaime Loewen, Lyndol and I will be putting out a couple of 3-5-minute videos each week regarding a certain topic.  It could be about what the Bible says about a certain issue, it could be a word of encouragement, or a reflection on some ideas we have been wrestling with.  If you have a question during a sermon that you would like us to address, then send it in and we’ll see what we can do.  Our goal is to encourage connection so if you have something you would like to share let us know and we can arrange to have you videoed, or send in a video and we’ll try get it on the youtube channel as well.  Our first introduction video is already on our youtube channel entitled “A Way to Stay Connected”, and our second one where I respond to the question of what does the Bible say about anxiety will be out on Tuesday.  The link for these will be on our website at and can be found on the same youtube channel as the services, search “Kleefeld EMC” in youtube.
Another way we’d love to connect with you is that if you have been finding creative ways to spend your time, then take a picture of it and send it in and with your permission we hope to put a slide show together that we could show on a Sunday morning.  I think it would be great for us to see each other as a reminder to pray for one another as we are all facing this unique time of life.
Also, we now have an option on our webpage for receiving donations online.  The e-transfers and bank transfers options are up and running and we hope to have the credit card option working today sometime.  We appreciate all of you who have been continuing to give to the church during this time as we know that the days ahead may be getting tighter for some.
Lyndol and I have appreciated those who have dropped in to say hi, or drop off a donation, as it has been great to connect.  Feel free to call us or connect with us as we’d love to catch up and pray with you.  If you do plan to stop in, please follow the guidelines that have been set out for us with regard to containing the virus: if you have travelled in the last 14 days or if you are under direction to self-isolate or if you are showing any cold/flu symptoms please refrain from visiting in person so that we can protect those who do come.  We do have hand sanitizer and are disinfecting our door handles regularly for those who are able to drop in.
Finally, I want to let you know that we are making plans for our Easter weekend services, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  We will update you about those services next week.
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement to us as we have been navigating this time and making adjustments.  I pray that God continues to draw you close to Him, reminds you of His presence and faithfulness and that “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7)
Blessings Pastor Pete
Text number for technical assistance: (204)-818-7748 Text number for questions or comments: (204)-818-3028