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Worship Service:

*Livestream Only*

10:45 am Sunday

with a Kids Feature

beginning at 10:25 am.

(To Livestream click on

the link below).

Church Update: February 10, 2021

Beginning this weekend, restrictions now allow for us to have in-person services with an attendance of 10% of our capacity.  For KEMC that is approximately 40 people.  10 of those will be people involved in the service (music, tech, pastors) which leaves room for 30 people to attend our service. 


In order to ensure we adhere to the guidelines we will ask people to sign up for our services.  Use the link below to sign up.  Please use the front, main doors to enter, and we ask that you ensure proper distancing when you sit.  Masks must be worn while you are moving around in the building and we also remind you to use the hand sanitizer provided.  Once you are seated, and the singing is finished, you will be able to remove your mask for the scripture reading and sermon time.


I realize this is not as far as some of us would like it and the idea of “signing up for church” seems strange but this allows us to ensure that we won’t need to turn anyone away.  We hope and pray that this will be for a short time and we continue to pray that the case numbers in the province will continue to decrease.


We are very excited to see some of you in church on Sunday and hope that over the next weeks we can accommodate many of you as you take turns signing up.  We have felt your support for the church over these past months and appreciate your continued prayers for us as we still try to navigate this reality while also trying to minister to the needs of our church and community.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pastors Pete and Lyndol